Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Life Changes

Hello everyone. I have not updated this site in a LONG time! I apologize for that. I have spent the last 4 years finishing up various amounts of schooling and have come to some hard decisions. After my daughter was born recently I have felt a need to change careers. I have given so much of my life to those affected by autism, and I would never take any of that time back. I have seen so much and learned so much in this time. I have worked in the most volatile environments. I have seen so many amazing children in horrible situations. I have worked unknowingly under criminals stealing resources from medicaid that your children could have used, I have worked for great institutions doing groundbreaking research in ABA. I have no one in my family with autism, but I feel like I have lived a thousand lives of a family member of someone with autism. I just think it is time for a little break. This site has always been an avenue of expression for me and not just an information site. I will continue to use our twitter for news stories. I currently work in the promotional products industry, so if you need any imprinted items for your trade show or autism event give me a call at 415-688-4017. I work with many non-profits to provide them great prices on promotional items. Feel free to connect with me on linkedin here Feel free to search my new employer and ask for Justin on phone or in chat! Thank you for the support and reach out any time. Justin

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fishing for Ideas in a Sea of Information

Most parents are emotionally devastated when facing a new autism diagnosis. To many, the amount of information regarding therapies, schooling, medication etc. can be completely overwhelming. This often causes marital problems, economic stress, and sleepless nights. 

Sometimes, it's not about specific treatments or diets. It's simply about finding out which strategy works best for you and your family. We all know the uniqueness of each child with autism, and the approach must be equally unique. Recently I have come upon an excellent post that I would like to share with you. This guide for parents of autistic children has valuable information for new parents as well as autism veterans. The post contains realistic ideas and strategies for ensuring that your journey with autism goes smoothly. The post can be found at:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Population One" The Kickstarter Project We Love

Normally I review books that are already published, but this one is special, and I can't wait to receive my signed copy.

Tyler Mcnamer is a young man with a story to share. Well, more than a story. In his book “Population One”, Tyler describes his unique experience living a life with autism.  Tyler discusses the obstacles he has had to overcome, as well as the benefits of his autism. Most people familiar with autism know that every individual is unique, and it’s always rewarding to add another perspective to my point of view, but Tyler gives us something more.

Tyler doesn’t just describe his experiences, he gives answers and advice to those who may be seeking more than just a captivating read. “Population One” tackles issues like bullying with conflict resolution and leadership skills. Tyler teaches how to embrace change and build confidence through teamwork.

“Population One” is all of this, but it's different. The thing that intrigues me about population one is Tyler’s philosophical perspective. Tyler goes on to write about what “Population One” means, and how he isn’t referring solely to himself. His perspective on our social construct, and how the patterns therein can be applied to the rest of the universe are captivating and thought provoking.

Tyler McNamer has crafted a book that is a must read not only for the autism community, but anyone who wishes to learn more about autism or even themselves. Watch Tyler’s video for his project, and you will see why I funded him through Kickstarter. Tyler is a fascinating person, whose dedication and drive should be recognized by the autism community. Please help us to share his story.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Resource To Create An Autism Plan For Your Child

Life is ever-changing, always complicated, and often intimidating. It is imperative for individuals with autism, and their family members to have an active and open approach to learning and adapting. Whether you are a new autism parent, or a a middle-aged aspie, the challenges posed by autism can and will affect your life. It is currently an interesting era in the age of autism. Many are receiving the aid they need, while others suffer in silence (or perhaps frustration).

Surfing the Internet will usually result in conflicting information, herbal "cures", and comment sections filled with vile words criticizing desperate parents willing to try anything to help the ones they love. Below I have included some strategies and starting points for you to consider when beginning your journey with autism. I have included links to a book written by Judy and Omar Ramos. The Parent Autism Survival Guide is written by parents that have been through it all, for parents going through it all. Judy and Omar "get it" and I am proud to share their work with you. Some of the REAL autism issues they provide support for include:

  • Tips for finding a good doctor to help you through your autism journey
  • Information about nutritional supplements to improve your child’s health
  • How sensory processing issues affect children’s behavior, their ability to speak, and their ability to learn
  • Suggestions on activities you can do at home immediately to help your child
  • Finding and enrollment in a school that meets your child's needs
  • Finding autism-friendly childcare
  • Autism-friendly hotels and travel tips
The Parent Autism Survival Guide contains information and descriptions of more than 25 therapies available to help your child and more than 70 links to websites to get even more valuable information – biomedical, dietary, behavioral, communications, physical, movement and balance therapies, and even alternative therapies – are designed to help your child learn, grow and become more independent. 

There is so much more information included on their site, and I am really excited to see resources like this being released for the autism community. Judy and Omar demonstrate how to solve real autism issues, using realistic strategies that work. There is no secret to raising a child with autism, only common sense, compassion, and determination. The Parent Autism Survival Guide is a resource that I recommend to our readers who want logical, working, answers now.


Best Toys And Games For Children With Autism

The great thing about working with young people on the autism spectrum is that sometimes working becomes playing, and everyone is learning. We often share information about toys and therapy tools on ASD Update that we use on a daily basis. Recently we received some suggestions from Mommy Edition about more toys, games and therapy products for children with autism. We have shared a few of them with you before, and since then some of the prices have dropped. In addition to Amazon,
we have now been made aware of National Autism Resources which has anything I can't find on Amazon. Please share these with your children, or students and let me hear some feedback!